Connoisseur Club offers a royal experience at The Leela Palace Bengaluru

I have always wanted to pamper my parents, how they pampered us, if not always, at least on the big day, their Anniversary!! I never felt satisfied with what I’ve gifted them because it’s no different from what I do usually, as the options are limited to conventional gifts like flowers, cards or dinners.

I was looking for the perfect gift which would truly surprise and overwhelm my parents and that’s when my friend suggested the Connoisseur Club membership from The Leela Palace Bengaluru where she’s a member. She recommended Connoisseur Club by saying that “It’s a complete package worth every penny”.

I quickly researched the Connoisseur Club membership and I have to say it was an ideal gift for my parents and they could do all they ever wanted with the membership. The Platinum Level membership caught my attention in particular, I felt like it was crafted just for my needs. Off all the variants the membership offered, Platinum Level was the most indulgent and high value membership.

The membership kit arrived at my doorstep within a few days, ready to be gifted to my parents. My membership was so well packaged that it exuded elegance and class, it was perfect to be gifted as it is.

It’s a delight to hear my parents talk about The Leela Palace Bengaluru and their savings courtesy Connoisseur Club. My parents’ most recent experience with Connoisseur Club is their two night stay in a suite at The Leela Palace Bengaluru. They were immensely impressed with the hotel façade drawing inspiration from the architectural style of the Royal Palace of Mysore, and exclusive access to the Club Lounge, which enabled them to enjoy multiple rounds of drinks and snacks at the Club Lounge and exploit their taste for whiskey sour each evening they stayed at the hotel.

On their second day at the hotel, we invited friends and family to surprise them, we were a total of 8 people on a table at Zen, the Pan Asian restaurant and guess what, just because my parent’s were now members we got a 50% discount over a sumptuous brunch with alcohol. A discount of this capacity was almost unheard of to most of us on that table!

My parents were very pleased and said this was one of the best experiences of their life. I totally agree with them, they did all that they wanted to do immersed in royalty and luxury while saving big bucks. I’m sure that they’ve already managed to save INR 30,000 or more due to this membership.

Since it’s a year long membership, we look forward to visit The Leela Palace Bengaluru again and again to experience it all! This is just the beginning; I would love to try the other Leela properties too.